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Revelation 19:11-16 describes a white horse whose Rider is “called Faithful and True,” and whose “name is called The Word of God.” Out of His Mouth “goeth a sharp sword.” That sword is the Word of God. Out of His Mouth is a blog written by a former Roman Catholic, Timothy F. Kauffman, with a passion for wielding the sword of truth in defense of the faith, and refuting the errors in which he himself was once enslaved. Mr. Kauffman lives in Huntsville, Alabama with his wife, Jennifer and their four children.

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  1. Dear Tim,
    I was curious what church you now belong to and if you are in any type of leadership position?
    Also, did any of your children partake of the sacraments when you were Catholic?
    Thanks in advance,

    1. Dear Debbie,

      Thank you very much for visiting. I am currently a member at Southwood Presbyterian Church (PCA). I do not hold any leadership position there.

      I left the Roman Catholic Church in 1990, and did not marry until 2001. All of my children came after 2001, so none of them received the Roman Catholic sacraments.

      Thanks so much,


      1. Tim and Debbie, Pardon the intrusion, but Tim, your four cute little blond kids did receive Baptism didn’t they? Presbyterians Baptize babies to bring them into the Covenant, right?
        They received a Catholic Sacrament.

        Correct me if I am wrong Tim. You have studied the Fathers. Isn’t there an account of Origin’s father opening his sleeping sons’s little nightshirt at the breast and adoring the Holy Spirit indwelling therein due to his Baptism?

        1. Jim,
          Perhaps one intrusion calls for another…

          I fail to see the relevance of the hair color of Mr. Kauffman’s children to the topic, and for that matter, your anecdote about Origen also seems unrelated to Mr. Kauffman.

          Anyway, in my thirty years of experience as a member and teaching elder in the Presbyterian Church in America, I have observe that there are actually a number of reasons why Presbyterians (and other protestants) baptize their children as infants. I do so to publicly recognize that my children are already in a covenantal relationship with God by virtue of God’s choice to save me. This is different from the Roman Catholic position (and, yes, that of some protestants, although any teaching elder in the PCA would reject it) that the application of the water actually creates a child’s status with God.

          So, if by “Catholic Sacrament” you mean that a rite was conducted on Mr. Kauffman’s children under the authority of the pope in Rome, with the intent to bring them under the New Covenant, then there are some important missing links in the progression of your argument.

          1. Thanks for dropping in, Pastor Wilson. Jim’s comment (at least the hair color part of it) is in relation to a previous entry of mine called “The Blonde Kids Are on Our Ticket.” In that entry, I made the point that occasionally, indicating people by their visible attributes is easier than identifying them by their inward attributes, which is why Christians are often identified by their good works.

            I don’t know that Jim keeps up with this “about” page, so I thought I’d add some context. Thanks for dropping in,


          2. Pastor Wilson, By what authority do you usurp the title?
            Are you under the condemnation of Kore?

  2. Oh, Pastor, What is the relevance of Tim’s kids being blond? Ask Tim. He wrote the article. You should read it. It’s cute. One could almost start liking Tim as a dad as the article is the only thing he has ever written that I actually liked.

    What’s it to you? As for Origin, are you so ignorant of the indwelling of the Holy Spirit that comes via the Laver of Regeneration?

  3. Jim, The Scripture is clear we are regenerated by the Spirit thru the Word of God. Baptism is a sign and seal and confirmation of God’s grace. Baptism ex opere opearto is nowhere in Scripture. No magic water. Romans 5:17 says faith comes thru hearing and hearing the word of God. 1 Peter 1:23 and James 1:18 says the same thing. If a child is baptized and faith never follows, that baptism will not save them. We are saved by faith alone in Christ alone. I would urge all the Roman Catholic lurkers to read every post of Tim’s. This man exegetes with the most truthful hand in my opinion. He, being a former Catholic and having a deep knowledge of Romanism, and I consider him a biblical scholar of the highest order, gives the Roman Catholic incredible insight to the tutus of the word of God and the vast Roman catholic error.

  4. Tim,
    The church I attend has a giant image of Christ with the sword protruding from his mouth painted on the wall behind the altar. We Catholics claim the same image as ours too. Why do you think your private opinions are the sword of truth?

  5. TIM–
    One comment before you close all the com boxes.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed sparring with everyone on this forum.
    Because of your research and wealth of citations, it has sent me back to the Bible so many times, and I have explored the Early Church Fathers and the history of the Roman Empire more than I ever would have otherwise. Learning about the Westminster Confession, the Catholic Catechism, the Presbyterian principle documents and even my own Wesleyan heritage has been a fascinating journey.
    I want to thank you Tim for letting me speak frankly.
    It’s been real fun so far.
    May God bless you all.

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